The perfect size for your weekend plans with your BFF.



Pure Zero Margarita mix is a blend of natural flavors sweetened with a proprietary blend of a plant based Stevia sweetener—Pure Sweet, that has  a proprietary blend of Stevia leaf extract along with its proprietary blend of a natural fruit flavoring system that gives it the best taste on the market today!  It provides you with a ZERO SUGAR/ ZERO GLUTEN cocktail that NOT only a  MARGARITA mix  but magnifies the flavor of any drink—give Pure Zero a try in your favorite hard seltzer, flavored vodka, bourbon or gin cocktail or even your non-alcoholic seltzer water. Promotes a sugar free lifestyle with only 5 calories per serving. Great for people that are diabetic, anyone watching sugar intake or trying to stay in Ketosis so you can lead a healthier lifestyle.












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